School Bus Services

School Transport

At Buswest, we understand safety is paramount when transporting children to and from school. Providing transportation for school excursions, school camps, and general school routes, our team ensure children are well cared for the moment they step onboard.

We have partnered with Transport Me to provide convenience and peace of mind for both parents and children.

Why Choose Us:

Transport Me

Buswest has made transport even easier by partnering with Transport Me. Your children can use their Smart Rider card for safe, cashless convenience, and parents can access the user-friendly GPS System for real time location on children’s whereabouts.

School Bus Transport

All Buswest drivers and aides have a Police Clearance and Working with Children Check to provide peace of mind for parents and guardians. Our buses are regularly cleaned and follow COVID-19 measures. Our services include home-to-school travel, and in-school travel.

School Events and Excursions

Whether you require transport for day trips or overnight getaways, Buswest can provide transportation for all school events and excursions. From school carnivals, school camps, and swimming or rowing events, Buswest can help transport children safety, and comfortably to and from school.

Why Buswest?

Our highly experienced team at Buswest ensure all children who travel on our coaches are kept safe, and comfortable whilst travelling from A to B. For your peace of mind, our drivers all have a Police Clearance and Working with Children Check. You’ll find all Buswest coaches practise COVID-19 safe measures to ensure everyone is safe from the moment you step onboard.


"Thanks to the wonderful bus drivers who transported our staff to the city and back. They were so accommodating and friendly and all our staff commented on this too. It is so refreshing meeting people who genuinely love their job! Thanks, BUSWEST!"

Sally Hart

Assistant Principal, St Kieran Catholic Primary School